Thank you to the 1629 people who donated in May and June as part of this year's end-of-financial-year campaign.

There are always many more Daintree Rainforest properties at risk of development than we can protect.

In previous years we’d been able to purchase multiple properties before the end of the financial year, so I knew the potential was there to do more to help save the Daintree.

In May, I established a goal to save 3 Daintree Rainforest properties by June 30. It was a huge task, requiring us to raise almost $500,000, but by the middle of June we’d already made great progress and had purchased two of the properties so they could be protected forever – Lot 204 Cedar Road and Lot 232 White Beech Road. And we are now so close to securing the third, Lot 70 Forest Creek Road

I'm so thrilled with the response to our end-of-financial year campaign, and to know so many people made a conscious decision to help save the Daintree Rainforest.

Here's a little more about the properties you've helped protect: 

Lot 204 Cedar Road 

The purchase and protection of this property has ensured a secure habitat for species like the endangered southern cassowary, and at least 118 species of native plants found on Lot 204.

It has also prevented the possibility of further rainforest fragmentation and will improve connectivity across the landscape for travelling wildlife. 

We are now working to remove a makeshift shelter on the property and restore the cleared areas to return the rainforest to full health.

Lot 232 White Beech Road

Lot 232 White Beech Road shares a boundary with a property that is already part of the Daintree National Park. The purchase of this property will improve connectivity and ensure the appropriate management of the endemic and threatened species of plants and animals found here, including ecologically significant plants like the Daintree gardenia and the Daintree foambark. 

Every Daintree rainforest property we purchase for conservation is protected forever and sparks the process for it to be considered for protection under Queensland legislation. This includes the potential for it to be included in the Daintree National Park (CYPAL).

Lot 70 Forest Creek Road 

There's one more left – Lot 70 Forest Creek Road. We needed $249,750, and by June 30 we had raised $207,245. Close, but not quite enough.

We will keep raising funds over the coming weeks to complete this project. Settlement on the purchase has been deferred enabling us to do this.

The foundational supporter who matched all gifts until June 30 has also agreed to match every donation to Lot 70 Forest Creek Road until the target is reached. 

That means the impact of any future gift to save the property will be doubled.

Please, act now to help save Lot 70 Forest Creek Road.

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Through land buyback, we’re turning the tide towards conservation in the Daintree Rainforest and protecting the biodiversity of this incredible ecosystem. 

Thank you again for your generous support and for everything you do to save the Daintree.

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