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Act now to help protect the oldest rainforest on earth! The entire Lowland tropical rainforest of the Daintree is now listed as Endangered. The impacts of ongoing clearing for housing continue to cause fragmentation of this special rainforest. Please help now to Save the Daintree!

Lot 43 Bus Removal and Clean Up

Help us restore Lot 43 in the Daintree Rainforest

Purchase and restoration of Lot 204 Cedar Road

Help us protect Lot 204 Cedar Road

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Save the Daintree prioritises a science-based approach to evaluate the conservation value of its projects. For every block of land we sign a contract on, we conduct ecological survey evaluations of the properties to yield the flora, fauna, and vegetation status of the property.

We have advanced our strategic planning for land acquisition through a citizen science program that developed the “Daintree Acquisition Strategy”, a comprehensive assessment of lots of land available to purchase which identified properties of priority for purchase. Two ecologists conducted on-the-ground assessments of the properties to catalogue the botanical features, vegetation status, and development risk.

Conservation Projects

With your help, we purchase land in the Daintree Lowlands and protect it forever. The Daintree Lowland Rainforest itself has now been identified as part of an Endangered Ecological Community. In November 2021 the Australian Government listed the lowland tropical rainforest of the Wet Tropics ecological community, in the Endangered Category under the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999. Freehold properties in the Daintree lowland remain at risk from rural residential development.

Rainforest Buyback Fund

Far North Queensland

Lot 43 Bus Removal and Clean Up

Lot 43 Bus Removal and Clean Up

Revolving Fund

Save the Daintree Revolving Fund

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Revolving Fund

Save the Daintree Revolving Fund program is an innovative solution to achieving the long-term protection of key biodiversity values. Acquiring private land with significant conservation value (in order to then protect it) is a powerful way to permanently protect important species and ecosystems.

Our Revolving Fund program is a sustainable fund that provides support for projects that require a long-term commitment to planning well ahead of our fundraising cycle. Funds are used to acquire high conservation value properties dramatically increasing the amount of private land protected.

Permanent contributions to our Revolving Fund program are tax-deductible and receipts will be issued.

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