Save the Daintree is a program of Gondwana Rainforest Trust, with a mission to protect the Earth's rainforests.

How we do it 

Save the Daintree works with Indigenous partners to safeguard our forests for future generations. Using a strong fundraising model and community collaborations, Save the Daintree operates highly successful land buyback campaigns that purchase, protect, and rewild endangered rainforest.

The Save the Daintree program is also contributing to the Trillion Tree Campaign, a project announced at the 2020 World Economic Forum which aims to establish one trillion trees worldwide by the end of the decade. This campaign provides support to the UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration (2020-2030), led by UNEP and FAO.    

To find out more about Save the Daintree, please call us on 0437 423 119 or email [email protected]

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