It's official. We have now saved 30 Daintree properties for conservation! That milestone was reached with the purchase and protection of Lot 232 White Beech Road at Cow Bay.

With the generous support of more than 100 donors, and a matched-gift pledge as part of our EOFY appeal, the funds to purchase this property were secured and settlement was finalised in late June 2024. 

This is a huge milestone for the protection of this valuable rainforest and the unique and endangered species that call it home. Thank you to everyone who made this incredible outcome possible, either by donating or spreading the word. 

A safe haven for threatened flora and fauna 

Lot 232 White Beech Road in Cow Bay is home to 129 native plant species, identified by our ecologist Kristopher Kupsch. 

This includes the near-threatened Daintree gardenia (Randia audasii), which is endemic to Far North Queensland and threatened by loss of habitat.

Fruit and flower of Daintree Gardenia (Randia audasii)

Other significant flora species include the Daintree foambark (Jagera madida), which only occurs in the lowland rainforests between Julatten and Bloomfield, and the brown pine, a towering tree that comes from an ancient family of Gondwana-era conifers. 

The vegetation on Lot 232 White Beech Road also provides core habitat for the endangered southern cassowary (Casuarius casuarius johnsonii). Cassowaries have been recently sighted in the adjoining Daintree National Park.

Kelvin Davies inspecting the Daintree foambark

We're so thankful for your support in saving our rainforests. 

Through land buyback, we’re turning the tide towards conservation in the Daintree Rainforest and protecting the biodiversity of this incredible ecosystem. 

For the future, 

Kelvin Davies

Founder, Save the Daintree Rainforest and Gondwana Rainforest Trust. 

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