The world's oldest rainforest is still for sale.

A deposit of $50,000 will enable us to commit to buying another Daintree Rainforest property.

The world's oldest rainforest is still for sale. 

Over the past four years, we've purchased a Daintree Rainforest property for conservation every 50 days.  

That's a total of 29 freehold Daintree Rainforest properties, an amazing outcome for the conservation of the world's oldest rainforest thanks to thousands of generous donors.  

To buy so many properties, we've used all our available resources. We've worked hard to line up the properties back-to-back, and sometimes had two or three under contract at any one time. As soon as we raise the funds for one property, we bite off the next challenge. We haven't left any fuel in the tank. 

Please, donate now to help us buy the next Daintree Rainforest property. 

About the land buyback program

The rainforest blocks we purchase were created in 1982 as part of a 1,136-lot rural residential subdivision in the Daintree. This resulted in two-thirds of the Daintree Lowland Rainforest being excluded from protection in the Daintree National Park and Wet Tropics World Heritage Area. 

For Daintree property owners to develop these ecologically significant blocks for housing, all they need is development approval from the Douglas Shire Council.

Clearing in preparation for housing development. 

Now, when freehold properties come on the market, some are purchased for development. Some are purchased for conservation. 

There are multiple at-risk Daintree properties that could be purchased for conservation right now if we had money to secure a contract. 

But before we can commit to buying another Daintree Rainforest property, we need to raise $50,000 for a deposit. 

If we can't raise the funds needed for a deposit on the next property, we have to pause the program. 

We don't want that to happen, and we know through your support that you'd like this program to continue too. 

The last property cost $200,000, so I'm raising $50,000 for a deposit. This will enable us to obtain a contract of sale and the confidence we can raise the remaining funds. 

Please, make a donation now to purchase and protect a 30th property in the Daintree Lowland Rainforest.


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