Location: Queensland, Australia

Action: Purchase of Lot 330 Cape Tribulation Road, Cow Bay

Area: 1 hectare 

Price per hectare: $25,000 ($2.50 per sqm)

Threatened Species: Southern Cassowary, Bennetts Tree-kangaroo

Habitat: Lowland Tropical Rainforest classified as regional ecosystem 7.3.10a Simple-complex mesophyll to mesophyll vine forest.

Threats: Development, domestic dogs, weeds

Lot 330 Cape Tribulation Road

This project was completed in January 2020. 

Purchase of Lot 330 Cape Tribulation Road 

Lot 330 Cape Tribulation Road, Cow Bay is 1 ha in size and is covered by tropical rainforest. The purchase of this property is a fantastic outcome for conservation as it provides vital habitat for the Endangered Southern Cassowary. Ecologist Kristopher Kupsch surveyed the plants on Lot 330 Cape Tribulation Road in the Daintree Rainforest in February 2020. He identified 178 plants including five species listed on the Nature Conservation Act 1992. Read more about the flora survey.

Through our Land Purchase to Save the Daintree National Park project, we are buying land and adding properties to the Daintree National Park and World Heritage Area and are helping to preserve critical Cassowary habitat. 

Lot 330 Cape Tribulation Road is located in Cow Bay. Buying land in this location helps us to reverse the impacts of the disastrous 1980’s rural residential subdivision. We are focusing our efforts on Cow Bay as scientists have identified this area as being the highest priority for conservation. It has some of the highest levels of biodiversity and the highest densities of Cassowaries in Australia. Following the purchase of this property, it will be gifted to the Queensland Government for inclusion in the Daintree National Park. 


Kelvin Davies with a Zamia Fern (a species of Cycad) 

Thank you to the generous donors who funded the purchase and protection of this Daintree Rainforest Property.

Thank you to Rainforest Reserves Australia. 

The non-profit organisation Rainforest Reserves Australia also helped to purchase Lot 330 Cape Tribulation Road and add it to the Daintree National Park. Thanks to all of their supporters for their help.


Thank you to the Australian Tropical Research Foundation (AUSTROP

The non-profit Australian Tropical Research Station also made a financial contribution towards the purchase of Lot 330 Cape Tribulation Road and we thank them for their support.

Lot 330 Cape Tribulation Road in the Daintree Lowland Rainforest

Lot 330 Cape Tribulation Road in the Daintree Lowland Rainforest




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